Here you can find out all about Alfie, the book "My Labrador Eats Poo", where the stage show "Once Upon A Labrador" is being performed, and where you can meet the real Alfie!


This terrific cartoon (above) was drawn by HARRY VENNING who was recently voted "Cartoonist of the year 2017"

Harry was responsible for all the illustrations on the book, which show Alfie as the eccentric Labrador which, in reality, he probably is.  This first picture shows Alfie flinging himself into the garden pond, much to the alarm of everyone, including the ducks, who had been enjoying a peaceful time dabbling about in the Spring sunshine.  It was a big pond. We moved from that house ...


Please have a browse through the Gallery - a mix of Harry's cartoons, and some real life photographs of Alfie.

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Thank you for joining us.  Oh, and were you wondering what the "W" stands for in ALFIEWDOG ? You can find out by COMING TO SEE THE SHOW !!

Buy the book "My Labrador Eats Poo" though Amazon (CLICK HERE) and all the usual places you can buy books, doesn't tell you - but if all goes well, BOOK TWO - "My Labrador Eats Everything (Including Poo)" has the answer.


The whole question of the poo, by the way, is not as yukky as it sounds - honest!



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Whimsical verse by Charles Garland

Original illustrations by Harry Venning




A collection of whimsical verses about Alfie, a Golden Labrador puppy, as he embarks on his first adventures in the Suffolk countryside. Brought home by the author’s wife Yvonne to help her husband keep fit, Alfie has become the focal point of the family. His eccentric character is amusingly described in these odes, and beautifully captured in the illustrations of leading artist and cartoonist Harry Venning, creator of Clare in the Community (The Guardian and BBC Radio 4), and Hamlet (the theatre pig in ‘The Stage’). 

Fortunately, Alfie’s tastes do extend beyond what other animals have left behind on the path, but unfortunately they tend to include rotting fruit and the rancid remains of various victims of foxes. Alfie also encounters live animals, including humans, and his reactions are always a glorious mixture of typical ‘Labrador dim’ and delightful tail wagging charm.

Based on true events (until the author’s imagination takes over), dog lovers and owners everywhere will relate to these stories of puppyhood, and the general appeal extends to all age groups, through the wry humour of these carefully crafted verses.

Charles Garland is a writer and composer, television producer and director. Having left the BBC, Charles is now freelance, and going back to his roots with his book of ‘whimsical verse’ entitled ‘My Labrador Eats Poo’ (not quite as disgusting as it sounds) illustrated by Harry Venning.


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